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WSPF-DS - Isolator

This compact plug-in type converter (isolator) provides signal output which is mutually isolated between input, output and power supply.
It amplifies and converts various kinds of signal with isolation to use in the integrated instrumental control system. It is highly effective as noise countermeasures.


  • Fine zero & span adjustment by 15 turn trimmer
  • Zero & span adjustment ±10% full scale
  • Safe design by dielectric strength of 3000VAC
  • Compatible with 30Vdc power supply voltage
  • 5 years warranty, long life
  • CE approved

Common Specifications

Input Signal : DC current / voltage
Output Signal : DC current / voltage (2 output)
Accuracy : ±0.1% FS (at 23°C)
Response time : Approx. 25ms (0 to 90%)
Allowable load : Current output
    15V or less of voltage drop between output terminal
  Voltage output
    Load current 5mA or less
      *1μA or less if the output is less than 1V FS
Zero & span adjustment : ±10% FS (15 turn trimmer)
Operating temperature : -5 to +55°C
Operating relative humidity : 90% or less (Non-condensing)
Storage temperature range : -10 to +60°C
Temperature coefficient : ±0.015% FS of span per °C
Isolation : Between input, output, and power supply
Insulation Resistance : 100MΩ or more with 500Vdc megger
  Between input, output, and power supply terminal
Dielectric Strength : 3000Vac for 1 minute between power supply and
  input/output terminal,
  2000Vac for 1 minute between input and output terminal
Power Consumption : Approx. 4.5VA (AC), Approx. 60mA (DC)
Power supply variation : ±0.1% FS (within the range of rated voltage)
Dimensions : 84(H) X 29.5(W) X 106.5(D)mm
Weight : Approx. 130g
Structure : Plug-in (Body part and socket part)
Connection : M3 SEMS screw part of the base socket (Tightening torque 0.6N·m)
Mounting : DIN rail or wall surface
Case color and material : Ivory, ABS resin, flame retardant grade UL94V-0
EMC directive : EN61326-1, EN61010-1, EN50581
  Installation category : II, Pollution degree : 2
Rated altitude : 2000m or less

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Download Data Sheet