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A6000 Universal Type Digital Panel Meter

Common Specifications

Display : Main display Red or Green LED 20 mm
    Sub display Red LED 6 mm
Conversion rate : 1000 times/sec.
Maximum display : 9999
Over range indication : When input exceed the maximum display
    display OVER or -OVER
Zero display : Leading zero suppression
Decimal point : Settable to any digit position
Operating temp : 0 to 50°C 35 to 85% RH
Storage temp : -10 to 70°C (less than 60% RH)
Power supply : AC 100 to 240 V +10%
    DC 12 to 48 V +10%
Power consumption : 8 VA (max. load)
Dimensions: : 96 mm (W) x 48 mm (H) X 97.5 mm (D) DIN size
Weight (unit only) : Approx. 450 g
Dielectric strength : (AC) Power supply/input terminal/output terminal AC1500 V/min.
    (DC) Power supply/input terminal/output terminal DC500 V/min
    (Common) Case/each terminal AC1500 V/min.
Insulation resistance : DC500 V more than 100 MQ at the above terminals


Download Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet