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A9000 Universal Type Digital Panel Meter

  • DIN size (48X96mm)

  • BCD output (option)

  • Scaling setting function available

Common Specifications

Operating Type : Δ Σ conversion type
Input Circuit : Single Ended Type
Sampling speed : Maximum 25 times per second
Over range alarm : Display O.L. -O.L. applying to max. display for input
Display : red 7 segment LED (character height 14.2mm)
Display range : -19999 - 19999
Maximum display : 19999
Zero display : Leading zero suppress
Built-in EEPROM  
Number of rewriting : 1,000,000 times min
Operating temperature, humidity : 0~50°C 35~85% RH
Storage temperature, humidity : -10~70°C not less than 60% RH
Dimensions : 96mm(H) x 48mm(W) x 75mm(D)
Weight : 160g (TYP)(AC power) 150g (TYP)(DC power)
Dielectric voltage : AC power AC1 500V 1min. Between Power Input-Output
    DC power DC500V 1min. Between Power Input-Output
    Common: DC500V 1min. Between Input-Output
                   AC1500V 1min. Between Case-Each terminals
Insulated resistance : Built-in rewriting EEPROM, in the case of digital zero
    "OFF" to "ON", setup "ON", digital zero "OFF" to "ON".
    Please be sure that number of rewriting not surpassing
    the above number of cases


Download Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet