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μGPCsHThis controller has complete program compatibility with the μGPC Series, features improved communication interface speed, and offers exceptional connectivity with host PCs, touch panels, and other equipment.


Easy-to-understand μGPC language and rich open networks

The μGPC language employs easyto-understand ladder symbols and dataflow symbols, enabling unrestricted real-number operations.
It also supports open networks, including Ethernet, FL-net (OPCN-2), OPCN-1, PROFIBUS DP, and DeviceNet, making it easy to build a distributed control system.

TNSTNS flexibly builds optimal network systems, according to network level.

The quality of a network environment that links man and machine, information and control is determined by automation ability. TNS maximizes automation ability by combining products according to network level, building rich open networks that include Ethernet and other network technologies.