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μGPCdsPThis high-speed μGPC controller is equipped with digital signal processor. It supports MATLAB/Simulink* for improved productivity on a wide array of systems.


Support for high-speed, highprecision motor control

μGPCdsP can be applied to a wide variety of systems, including automotive measurement equipment, metal and resin production lines, and injection molding machines. The processor module executes motor feedback operations within 100 μs. An innovative drive system can be built by connecting the controller with the VF66C high-speed, high-response inverter.

Intelligent Inverter - VF66B

Mother inverter of the VF66 family.
Supports a wide range of applications and customization for your system.


High-speed, high-response, high-frequency inverter - VF66C

Delivers a high-torque response of 1,500 Hz, as well as an output frequency of 1,500 Hz. (Special specification-compatible product)


Control-separated inverter - VF66D

Separates inverter control from the power unit, while communicating between the two. Equipment can be separated by 100 m, and there can be a maximum of 150 units for a simplified control system.


High-capacity AC servo amp - VF66SV

Delivers a speed control range of 1 to 10,000. Offers a high resolution of 33,554,432 p/r thanks to the use of a 25-bit ABS encoder for position control.


Inverter for sync control systems - VF66AD / VF66PD

A sync control feature has been added to the VF66SV.


DC power supply - VF66CH / CH66

30 kW or higher models are equipped with a battery simulator mode.


High-capacity, water-cooled inverter/converter - VF64(R)HPW

Each unit is 250 kW for up to 1,000 kW when four are used in parallel. A compact size has been enabled by the use of a highcapacity IGBT and water cooling.


Regenerative converter - VF61R

Dramatically suppresses harmonics by using our proprietary switching system. Delivers a high 99% power factor at rated load. (Capacity range: 11 to 55 kW)


Regenerative converter - VF64R

Supports a 120-degree electrical connection mode, regeneration-only HC functionality, and open networks, in addition to the functionality of
VF61R. (Capacity range: 75 to 1,000 kW)


Other inverters

We offer inverters that are perfectly customized for our customers’ needs, including newly developed models.