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Tandem Generating Euipment HousingThis rated-voltage, rated frequency, low-waveform-distortion generating equipment offers optimal power supply performance for backup power that can be used for computers, online devices, ATMs, precision equipment, and other equipment.


Single-phase and three-phase power output with a single generator

This equipment is comprised of a single-phase/three-phase generator and a diesel engine with an electronic governor. It uses the electronic governor to minimize frequency variation in response to load fluctuation, thereby enabling single-phase or three-phase power output in a single unit.

KT320CK   ZT-66CK   KT-700CKH

Our cubicle-type power generating equipment for general emergencies and disasters complies with the cubicle-type independent power generation standard of Japan’s Fire Service Act. It does not require a dedicated generator room, allowing for easy installation when it is not possible to provide a fireproof room in existing or newly constructed buildings.


Small and lightweight

Since all the equipment necessary for generator operation is housed in the cubicle, there is no need for troublesome wiring, pipework, and special foundation work, and installation is possible with an extremely small footprint.