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Social InfrastuctureContributing to public services that support people’s lives around the world

Electric power is one of the most important types of social infrastructure and crucial to daily life. Our power generation systems for everyday and emergency use supply safe and stable electric power. We propose the best possible solutions to our customers, always taking the environment and energy conservation in consideration. Our power generating equipment, steam turbine generating equipment, cogeneration systems, and other technologies are the key to unlocking natural and sustainable energy, such as wind energy.

Product examples

Power generating equipment for distributed power supplies

Our distributed power supply systems provide stable electric power over reliable power grids, even for power generated by natural energy sources, including wind and water.

  • Wind power generation
  • Hydroelectric power generation
  • Wave power generation
  • Tidal power generation
  • Biomass power generation

Power generation systems

Our power generating equipment is not only for emergency use. It also plays an active role at financial institutions and data centers. And with the application of our electric switchboards, which employ our proprietary high-speed switching technology, we deliver de-facto uninterrupted switching between commercial power supplies and power generators.

  • Continuous power generation systems
  • Emergency power generation systems
  • High-speed power supply switching systems
  • Power generating equipment
  • Steam turbine power generating equipment
  • Diesel generating equipment
  • Gas turbine generating equipment
  • Gas engine generating equipment

Regenerative energy storage equipment

Our equipment stores regenerative power generated by train braking in batteries, and then effectively utilizes it to accelerate the train and stabilize line voltage.

  • E³ Solution System

Water supply and sewerage equipment

We provide the latest solutions, including new equipment and detailed diagnostics for getting the most out of existing equipment.

AutomotiveSupporting the development of next-generation automobiles by shortening development time through high precision and high reliability

We developed low-inertia motors equivalent to a car engine that reduced the required motor inertia to one-tenth the previous value. These engine simulators were made possible through a variety of weight-saving technologies. We have also enabled the dynamic testing of automotive parts by combining high-speed torque control, including dead-beat control (electric current control method for implementing a high-speed torque response) with mechanical systems equipped with moving mechanisms to which various test pieces can be easily attached.

Product examples

Test equipment for automobiles, motorcycles, and construction equipment

  • Transmission testing equipment
  • Transaxle testing equipment
  • Differential testing equipment
  • CVT belt testing equipment
  • Engine testing equipment
  • EV/HEV testing equipment
  • Other products

Railway testing equipment

  • Brake testing equipment
  • Bearing testing equipment
  • Other products