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Energy storage equipment recaptures and stores regenerative energy produced when trains brake, and then outputs that stored energy when trains accelerate, enabling the effective use of energy, and supporting line voltage stabilization.



Energy-saving measures are being carried out in all manner of areas to use energy resources more effectively. The E3 Solution System contributes to energy-saving measures by effectively using electric power.


The use of an exceptionally efficient lithium-ion battery contributes to effective power utilization by solving the problem of energy lost as heat.


Costs are lowered because there is no need for building new transformers to deal with voltage drop, insufficient power, increasing contracted power, or raising the capacity of power receiving equipment.

System capacity

For general emergency and disaster use 3-phase diesel independent power producing equipment

Line voltage
600/750 V system 1,500 V system

System capacity

180kW 360kW
360kW 720kW
540kW 1,080kW

* Please contact us for information on system dimensions, weight, and other specs.
*System capacity is rated at 30 seconds. 


Prevention of regeneration cancellation     
On train lines where regenerative cars have been introduced, line voltage rises and regenerative cancellation occurs when there are no other powered cars. This phenomenon
is more pronounced the more regenerative cars there are on the train line, resulting
in the wasting of regenerative power.
The E³ Solution System effectively stores excess regenerative power and supplies it to other powered cars.
Problem   Solution
Voltage drop compensation    
When there is a large distance between the train and the power substation, line voltage drops, and during peak times when there are a lot of trains, voltage drops even further.

The installation of the E³ Solution System at the problem points limits voltage drop.
Problem   Solution
Power peak cut    
High peak demand during morning and evening rush hours increases power costs. And as power demand grows each year, more power substations must be built.
The E³ Solution System cuts the use of contracted power by limiting power consumption at peak hours.
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