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Tandem Generating Euipment HousingThis rated-voltage, rated frequency, low-waveform-distortion generating equipment offers optimal power supply performance for backup power that can be used for computers, online devices, ATMs, precision equipment, and other equipment.


Single-phase and three-phase power output with a single generator

This equipment is comprised of a single-phase/three-phase generator and a diesel engine with an electronic governor. It uses the electronic governor to minimize frequency variation in response to load fluctuation, thereby enabling single-phase or three-phase power output in a single unit.

Rated output

Number of poles   Voltage (V)   Output (kVA)  
Single phase  Three phase  Single phase  Three phase 
105 / 210  210  40 ~ 50 10 ~ 30 
105 / 210  210  60 ~ 80  10 ~ 30