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KT320CK   ZT-66CK   KT-700CKH

Our cubicle-type power generating equipment for general emergencies and disasters complies with the cubicle-type independent power generation standard of Japan’s Fire Service Act. It does not require a dedicated generator room, allowing for easy installation when it is not possible to provide a fireproof room in existing or newly constructed buildings.


Small and lightweight

Since all the equipment necessary for generator operation is housed in the cubicle, there is no need for troublesome wiring, pipework, and special foundation work, and installation is possible with an extremely small footprint.

No dedicated generator room required

There is no need to provide a generator room because this cubicletype independent power producing equipment complies with the Fire Service Act. It can be easily installed in the corner of a utility room, on a rooftop, or in other suitable locations.

Featuring speedy start-up and fully automatic operation

Optimization of the engine and generator enables swift start up within 10 seconds, or within 40 seconds after a commercial power outage. In addition, microcomputer control delivers reliable startup and stable operation, and enables fully automatic operation with high reliability and operability.

Output capacity range

For general emergency and disaster use 3-phase diesel independent power producing equipment

No. Number of poles Voltage (V) Output (kVA)
1 2 200 / 220 20 / 22.5 ~ 39 / 43
2 4 200 / 220 50 / 605 ~ 500 / 570
3 4 400 / 440 600 / 625 ~ 750 / 875
4 4 6,600 300 / 320 ~ 1,000 / 1,250



Application    Emergency backup power 
Standards   This product is compatible with the Fire Service Act of Japan and certified by electrical equipment technical
standards by the JIS/JEC/EM and Nippon Engine Generator Association.
Structure   Cubicle (indoor or outdoor)
Environmental conditions   Elevations YT-25CK to YT-47CK: 150 m above sea level or less, ZT-66CK to KT-1250CKH: 300 m above sea level or less
Battery   YT-25CK to ZT-115CK: Munsell 5Y7/1 semigloss MT-135CK to KT-1250CKH: Munsell 5Y7/1
External coating color   Generator max efficiency control, distortion minimization phase shift
PWM, Toyo Denki proprietary islanding detection
Noise spec*   Standard noise
  Low noise (approx. 85 dB (A) at 1 m level) Super low noise (approx. 75 dB (A) at 1 m level)

*Noise values are averages for energy in four directions (in a semi-free sound field).