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Renewable energyOur power generation equipment for distributed generation have undergone system upgrades that enable them to easily and efficiently configure clean power generation systems that use wind power, smallscale hydroelectric power, biomass, and other renewable energies through the use of state-of-the-art equipment.


Small-sized permanent magnet synchronous generator Approximately half the weight of an induction generator

Compared to the average induction generator, our equipment delivers the same output with a lower center height and a dramatically lighter motor weight.
(About 32% to 57% lighter than the average induction generator.)

High efficiency

Using our permanent magnet synchronous generators (EDG), along with a converter for high-efficiency control, enables 94% total efficiency from the generator to the end of the power line when using a high-capacity model and 90% efficiency when using a low-capacity model.

Clean power

Stable voltage and frequency is delivered at the point of grid connection, even when the generator (drive unit) changes rotating speed, and the sine wave output current contains almost no harmonics.


  • Generator
Rated output   Permanent magnet synchronous generator (EDG) 6P 11 to 500 kW 1,200
/1,500/1,800 min-1
  • Power conditioner control panel
Output voltage   200/400 V±10% 50/60 Hz±5%
Capacity (power line end)   10~500 kW
Rated time   Derating during continuous operation and minus power fluctuation
Overload capacity   150% for 1 minute
Control method   Generator max efficiency control, distortion minimization phase shift
PWM, Toyo Denki proprietary islanding detection
Use environment   Indoor specs: 0 to +40 °C 85% RH or less 1,000 m elevation or less