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ED Motor  

Permanent magnet synchronous motor
ED Motor (IPM Synchronous Motor)

Small, lightweight motor with approximately two times the bearing life, delivering dramatic energy savings.

UF Motor   

Induction motor for inverter
UF Motor

A small, sturdy, highly versatile induction motor with wide range of speeds and a low-noise design.

Direct Drive Motor   

Direct Drive Motor

Delivers high torque at super low speeds.
We have a variety of motors that have the torque and rotating speeds you need.

Low Inertia Motor   

Dynamic Spin Dynamo
Low-Inertia Motor (DSD series)

Boasts super low inertia, can be used for servo applications, and achieves transient characteristics on the same level as an actual vehicle in automotive tests.
Also capable of being attached under the same conditions as an actual vehicle.

Other Motors   

Other motors

We offer motors that are perfectly customized for our customers’ needs,
including newly developed models.