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Intelligent Inverter - VF66B

Mother inverter of the VF66 family.
Supports a wide range of applications and customization for your system.


High-speed, high-response, high-frequency inverter - VF66C

Delivers a high-torque response of 1,500 Hz, as well as an output frequency of 1,500 Hz. (Special specification-compatible product)


Control-separated inverter - VF66D

Separates inverter control from the power unit, while communicating between the two. Equipment can be separated by 100 m, and there can be a maximum of 150 units for a simplified control system.


High-capacity AC servo amp - VF66SV

Delivers a speed control range of 1 to 10,000. Offers a high resolution of 33,554,432 p/r thanks to the use of a 25-bit ABS encoder for position control.


Inverter for sync control systems - VF66AD / VF66PD

A sync control feature has been added to the VF66SV.


DC power supply - VF66CH / CH66

30 kW or higher models are equipped with a battery simulator mode.


High-capacity, water-cooled inverter/converter - VF64(R)HPW

Each unit is 250 kW for up to 1,000 kW when four are used in parallel. A compact size has been enabled by the use of a highcapacity IGBT and water cooling.


Regenerative converter - VF61R

Dramatically suppresses harmonics by using our proprietary switching system. Delivers a high 99% power factor at rated load. (Capacity range: 11 to 55 kW)


Regenerative converter - VF64R

Supports a 120-degree electrical connection mode, regeneration-only HC functionality, and open networks, in addition to the functionality of
VF61R. (Capacity range: 75 to 1,000 kW)


Other inverters

We offer inverters that are perfectly customized for our customers’ needs, including newly developed models.