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μGPCdsPThis high-speed μGPC controller is equipped with digital signal processor. It supports MATLAB/Simulink* for improved productivity on a wide array of systems.


Support for high-speed, highprecision motor control

μGPCdsP can be applied to a wide variety of systems, including automotive measurement equipment, metal and resin production lines, and injection molding machines. The processor module executes motor feedback operations within 100 μs. An innovative drive system can be built by connecting the controller with the VF66C high-speed, high-response inverter.

Exceptional compatibility with MATLAB/Simulink*

The processor module dramatically improves productivity by simultaneously executing ladders, dataflow operations, and control blocks designed using MATLAB/Simulink.*

Control block by MATLAB/Simulink*

Programless TDdsP Monitor for debugging support

MATLAB/Simulink*: Programless TDdsP Monitor for simplifying debugging and helping to reduce test time.


Name   SHPC-115-Z
Number of inputs/outputs   8,192 points max.
Program capacity   1,280 kB (approx. 2,000 pages)
Instruction execution time   Sequence instruction: 0.1 μs to 0.52 μs, Response instruction: 0.1 μs 20 μs
IP class/cooling method   Built-in IP30 control panel/Natural cooling
Operating ambient temperature   0~55 °C
Storage temperature   -25~85 °C
Relative humidity   20 to 95% RH (no condensation allowed)
Operating altitude   2,000 m above sea level or less

*MATLAB and Simulink are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.