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μGPCsHThis controller has complete program compatibility with the μGPC Series, features improved communication interface speed, and offers exceptional connectivity with host PCs, touch panels, and other equipment.


Easy-to-understand μGPC language and rich open networks

The μGPC language employs easyto-understand ladder symbols and dataflow symbols, enabling unrestricted real-number operations.
It also supports open networks, including Ethernet, FL-net (OPCN-2), OPCN-1, PROFIBUS DP, and DeviceNet, making it easy to build a distributed control system.

Programming tool providing a convenient design environment

  • Simulation functionality: Even digital/analog conditions can be freely set.
  • Traceback functionality: Up to 16 digital and 16 analog points.
    Trigger conditions and sample cycle can also be freely set.
  • Log functionality: CPU operation log can be viewed in the order
    that information was recorded.
    Up to 1,024 communication log entries can be stored.

Other functionality: Editing, debugging, and document creation.

Web-based remote monitoring

The controller is equipped with web-based monitoring functionality for the status I/O state of PLC via the Internet, making it possible to monitor faults, operation data, and system operation, as well as conduct maintenance, all with a web-based interface. In addition, event-driven data transmission is possible via email.


Application   Small to large-scale system
Number of inputs/outputs   Max. 8,192
Program capacity   320 k words
Processing speed   Logic operations: 0.1 μS (contact instructions), Real number operations: 0.15 μS (addition operations)
IP class/cooling method   Built-in IP30 control panel/Natural cooling
Operating ambient temperature   0~55 °C
Storage temperature   -25~85 °C
Relative humidity   20 to 95% RH (no condensation allowed)
Operating altitude   2,000 m above sea level or less
Web-based remote monitoring   Simultaneous connection: 5, HTTP version: 1.0-1.1, Security: BAIC authentication, Number of accounts: 16