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AutomotiveSupporting the development of next-generation automobiles by shortening development time through high precision and high reliability

We developed low-inertia motors equivalent to a car engine that reduced the required motor inertia to one-tenth the previous value. These engine simulators were made possible through a variety of weight-saving technologies. We have also enabled the dynamic testing of automotive parts by combining high-speed torque control, including dead-beat control (electric current control method for implementing a high-speed torque response) with mechanical systems equipped with moving mechanisms to which various test pieces can be easily attached.

Product examples

Test equipment for automobiles, motorcycles, and construction equipment

  • Transmission testing equipment
  • Transaxle testing equipment
  • Differential testing equipment
  • CVT belt testing equipment
  • Engine testing equipment
  • EV/HEV testing equipment
  • Other products

Railway testing equipment

  • Brake testing equipment
  • Bearing testing equipment
  • Other products