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Energy storage equipment recaptures and stores regenerative energy produced when trains brake, and then outputs that stored energy when trains accelerate, enabling the effective use of energy, and supporting line voltage stabilization.



Energy-saving measures are being carried out in all manner of areas to use energy resources more effectively. The E3 Solution System contributes to energy-saving measures by effectively using electric power.

Control Panels High-speed Power Switching EquipmentThis equipment instantly switches from commercial power to generator power and vice versa when there is a power outage, whether planned or otherwise.
We deliver some thirty of these units to customers, including banks, each year.


High-speed switching between commercial power/generator power

This equipment can switch the supply load between commercial power and generator power in 8 msec, which is instantaneous for all intents and purposes, thereby eliminating the need to shut down other equipment. And when combined with other generating equipment offered by our company, switching time can be accelerated even more.