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Chargemaster VCMThe Chargemaster VCM is programmable for either voltage or current control mode to supply the high voltage for charging bars and various charging applicators used to electrostatically bond materials. The Chargemaster VCM provides a simple and economical solution for a wide range of production processes maximizing the efficiency of the application.


Chargemaster VCM

The chargemaster VcM is a switch-mode, power factor corrected, power supply. The units output current is electronically restricted and protected against arcing. The output voltage can be set between 0 and the unit’s maximum voltage in voltage mode, or will automatically adjust to maintain a desired current level when operating in current mode. all of this is accomplished using the unique scroll-through menu programming capability of the chargemaster VCM.

MEB Static Neutralizing Bar

The MEB static bar is a very efficient and versatile static eliminator used in a wide variety of applications. Its’ small size and ability to fit in tight spaces, makes it a favorite of machine builders. The MEB bar is UL approved and is also available with additional studs and right angle cable exit for ease of installation.