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SIMCO’s COBRA Static Neutralizing Blow-Off Gun provides a powerful
blast of ionized air designed for cleaning and neutralizing
large surfaces. The COBRA Gun uses ionization combined with
airflow amplification to produce an air blast that neutralizes static
charges to blow away dust and dirt very effectively in rugged
industrial environments.
Its ergonomic handle improves performance in extended use
applications. A unique accessory nozzle is included with the gun
to produce a fanshaped air blast for covering large areas
like autobody surfaces, plastic sheets, and furniture pieces.

Each COBRA gun is supplied with a standard 20-foot cable for connection to the power unit. The power unit can energize one or two COBRA guns. 



Typical Applications


Plastic sheet fabrication
Injection molding

Graphic Arts 

Photographic processing
Prepress production


Auto bodies and boats
Furniture and appliances
Fiberglass and composite layup


Cobra Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, durable gun body constructed from high impact plastic
  • Ergonomic handle allows operator to regulate airflow
  • 20 ft. of high voltage cable for connection to SIMCO power supply (optional 40 ft. cable)
  • Power unit includes ON/OFF switch with neon power indicator light
  • Accessory nozzle produces a fan-shaped air blast to cover broad surfaces
  • Easy-to-use hook and hanger
  • Power unit available for 120 volt or 230 volt operation
  • Reduces costly rework by preventing re-attraction of dust and lint to cleaned surfaces
  • Increases productivity by providing maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Improves product quality by quickly neutralizing broad surfaces
  • Offers wide area coverage with accessory nozzle
  • Expandable – a single power supply can operate one or two guns


Cobra Gun Specifications


  Weight   1.5 lb (integral gun and 20 ft. cable)
  Maximum Pressure   100 psi (clean dry air), ¼” NPT connector
  Air Consumption   14 SCFM at 50 psi
22 SCFM at 100 psi
  Outlet Air Pressure   Pressure relief in gun body, complies with
OSHA requirements
  Outlet Air Flow   80 CFM at 50 psi
130 CFM at 100 psi 
  Discharge Time    
  Gun Only   0.6 seconds at 6” and 30 psi (1000V to 100V)
0.5 seconds at 6” and 100 psi (5000V to 500V) 
  Gun with Nozzle   0.7 seconds at 6” and 30 psi (1000V to 100V)
0.6 seconds at 6” and 100 psi (5000V to 500V) 
  Noise Level
(2’ from unit)
  (2’ from unit) 95 dB at 30 psi
100 dB at 60 psi
104 dB at 100 psi 
  Construction   Ionizer – current limited
Emitter – stainless steel
Body – high impact plastic 


Cobra Gun Specifications

Power Supply

  Model G165: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.25A
Model G265: 230VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.12 A
  Size   5 3/8” H x 3 7/8” W x 4 1/2” D
  Weight   6.6 lbs
  Output   5.1 KVAC, 5 mA maximum short circuit current
  Construction   Case – steel
Finish – grey powder coat
Transformer - encapsulated