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SIMCO’s COBRA Static Neutralizing Blow-Off Gun provides a powerful
blast of ionized air designed for cleaning and neutralizing
large surfaces. The COBRA Gun uses ionization combined with
airflow amplification to produce an air blast that neutralizes static
charges to blow away dust and dirt very effectively in rugged
industrial environments.
Its ergonomic handle improves performance in extended use
applications. A unique accessory nozzle is included with the gun
to produce a fanshaped air blast for covering large areas
like autobody surfaces, plastic sheets, and furniture pieces.

Each COBRA gun is supplied with a standard 20-foot cable for connection to the power unit. The power unit can energize one or two COBRA guns. 


Vectra Shockless Static

The Vectra bar is designed to provide powerful ionization to neutralize static charges in a variety of applications, including high web speeds. The Vectra’s compact size and continuous mounting channel allows for easy installation and mounting flexibility.