Odawara Yarn Sensor

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Odawara Yarn Sensor

This product is reflection type non-contact sensor which detects yarn breakage without directly touching a yarn due to adoption of a photoelectron method. The light projecting part projects the light, when the light is reflected by the detection object yarn, the light is detected by the light receiving part, it determines the presence or absence of the detection object.

For vertical installation to a yarnThis sensor is a reflection-type non-contact sensor which has developed for the yarn breakage detection of a detection target which is a line of yarn running linearly.


  • This product is a complete non-contact type which does not directly contact with the detection target. Therefore it is a yarn breakage detection system with high reliability without damaging a yarn.
  • The structure is simple even for multi-spindle because this sensor is a reflection-type.
  • This product hardly malfunctions due to vibration/impact.
  • This product is robust to the surface condition of detection target and has an improved sensitivity due to adoption of 2 light emitting elements.
  • This product has designed for VERTICAL INSTALLATION┬áto a yarn.