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For vertical installation to a yarnThis sensor is a reflection-type non-contact sensor which has developed for the yarn breakage detection of a detection target which is a line of yarn running linearly.


  • This product is a complete non-contact type which does not directly contact with the detection target. Therefore it is a yarn breakage detection system with high reliability without damaging a yarn.
  • The structure is simple even for multi-spindle because this sensor is a reflection-type.
  • This product hardly malfunctions due to vibration/impact.
  • This product is robust to the surface condition of detection target and has an improved sensitivity due to adoption of 2 light emitting elements.
  • This product has designed for VERTICAL INSTALLATION to a yarn.



Power supply voltage : DC 12 - 24 V +/- 10%, Ripple (p-p) 0.1 V or lower
Consumption current : 46 mA or lower
Detection yarn : 1.

White yarn 7 denier or higher (bright)
Detection distance: 10mm
Black yarn 20 denier or higher
Detection distance: 10mm
Yarn travelling speed : 500 M/min or higher
Response speed : Approx. 0.4 sec
Output capacity : NPN open collector * with PNP specification
Voltage DC 30 V or lower Current 100 mA or lower
ON voltage 1 V or lower (ON when there is no yarn)
Overvoltage protection 36 - 43 V
Overcurrent protection 120 mA or higher