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WYS-124 / Twin SensorAlthough this sensor is a reflection non-contact sensor developed for take-up winders, it can also be used for many machines such as drawing machine.


  • The structure is simple even for multi-spindle because this sensor is reflection type.
  • This sensor hardly malfunctions due to vibration or impact.
  • This sensor can detect only moving yarn because it employs differential method using 2 light-sensitive elements and this cancels unnecessary reflected light.
  • Because the light-emitting and light-sensitive elements are exposed and they have a shape of convex lens, oil solution, etc. are hardly accumulated on them and they can be cleaned easily.
  • All the vibrating yarns can be detected because the light is emitted continuously



<trstyle="vertical-align: top;">Yarn breakage output:Load current: 100 mA or less
Load voltage: DC 30 V or less
ON voltage: 1 V or less

Power supply voltage : DC 12 - 24 V. Variation: +/- 10% or less
Acceptable ripple (p-p): 0.1 V or less
Consumption current : 55 mA or less
Min. detectable yarn : 10 denier
Min. vibration amplitude : 15 mm or more
(Note: the centre of vibration amplitude should pass through the axis of emitted light.)
Frequency : 500 - 12.000 DS/M
Detention distance : 5 - 20 mm (10 denier or more). Standard 15 mm
5 - 30 mm (20 denier or more). Standard 20 mm
Response speed : Approx. 0.4 sec.