Distributed IO Modules

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Single PC software for recorders, controllers, IO modules and third party devices by Modbus Protocol. User friendly PC based data logging and acquisition software.



  1. DAQ StudioMaximum tags: 2048
  2. Real time trends, Bar graphs, Digital values
  3. Real time alarms & Historical alarms
  4. Number of display pages: 200 maximum
  5. Number of pens/page: 1 to 24 (Configurable)
  6. Timers: 100, Counters: 50 & Totalizers: 50
  7. Log Speed: 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60 and 120 sec
  8. Log trigger type: By time, By value change
  9. Log methods: Instant, Average, Minimum & Maximum
  10. Project Auto configuration with IO modules to create database
  11. Mathematic channels to write expressions or formula
  12. Data types: 2 byte, 4 byte and 8 byte, Decimal: 0 to 4
  13. Alarms by email and 100 customised comments for Alarms
  14. Event types: H, HH, L, LL, Rate of increase, Rate of decrease and Error
  15. Number of events per Analog Channel: 5, Number of Jobs/event: 3
  16. Available Jobs: Log Alarm, Log Event, Log Alarm (Auto ack.), send email, Sound buzzed, DO Latch ON, DO Latch OFF, DO Process, Enable Timer, Disable Timer, Preset Totalizer, Reset Totalizer, Enable Totalizer, Disable Totalizer, Preset Counter, Reset Counter, Increase Counter, Decrease Counter, Log Report, Reset Min/Max/Avg and Log Message
  17. Math functions: SIN, COS, EXP, SQRT, LN, LOG, ABS, POW, ROUND, HI, LO, INV, TG, CTG, ASIN, ACOS, and ATG
  18. Display languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Czech, Chinese (Traditional), and Chinese (Simplified)
  19. Four communications banks (Serial/Ethernet) Modbus RTU & TCP master protocols
  20. Support dynamic data exchange (DDE)