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The flexible transport system for ultimate production effectiveness

ACOPOStrak is a revolution in adaptive manufacturing. This highly flexible transport system extends the economy of mass production down to batches of one. Parts and products are transported quickly and flexibly from processing station to processing station on independently controlled shuttles.

ACOPOStrak is a generational leap in intelligent, flexible transport systems. Its absolutely unique design delivers decisive technological advantages for adaptive, connected manufacturing. Produce small batches efficiently and benefit from the higher margins of personalized products. Extend your digital transformation to include motion control and mechanical design.

Smart-factory motion control brings you key advantages: maximum availability, high-speed transport and positioning, rapid changeover and fault-tolerant high quality. ACOPOStrak boosts your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), multiplies your return on investment (ROI) and accelerates your time to market (TTM).



Hot-swappable shuttles

ACOPOStrak shuttles are hot-swappable and can be replaced in seconds – without any tools – for unprecedented availability. To switch products, the operator simply places the wheels of a new shuttle on the guides, and it is held in place by the force of permanent magnets alone. Include a pit lane in the track layout, and changeover and service can be performed with zero downtime.


Parallel processing

With the aid of a switch, the product flow can be distributed to multiple parallel processing stations and then merged further down the line. Time-critical processes are accelerated, cycle times are reduced and productivity increases.


High-speed diverter is pivotal

The absolutely unique high-speed ACOPOStrak diverters pass shuttles from one track circuit to another at full production speed. This opens up entirely new possibilities, making manufacturing systems more agile and responsive.


ACOPOStrak diverters make it easy to divide and merge product flows. Fully electronic actuation means they are 100% free of wear and maintenance.

  • Highlights
  • Fully electronic diverter technology
  • 100% wear free
  • Divide and merge product flows at full speed