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Automation PC 910The Automation PC 910 offers maximum computing power for the most complex tasks, such as sophisticated machine vision systems. It is based on the latest generation of Core i-series processors – the benchmark for top-performing PC architectures.

Intel has reduced the size of the chip to an impressive 22 nanometers. A new microarchitecture with the graphics unit integrated directly in the CPU provides a considerable leap in performance over the second generation of Core i processors, not to mention compared to Core 2 Duo processors. Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs with up to four cores represent the maximum performance currently available on the industrial PC market – all while keeping power consumption to a minimum.


High Performance

The rest of the PC infrastructure has also been streamlined for maximum computing performance and optimal data throughput. For example, a serial ATA-based CFast card has replaced the CompactFlash used previously in the Automation PC 910. CFast cards combine the form factor of a CompactFlash card with the fast SATA interface. At the same time, CFast cards retain all the advantages of CompactFlash, such as its extreme robustness.

Multi-touch panels - Optimal usability

Automation Panel 900 multi-touchMulti-touch panels open up new dimensions for innovative HMI design. There are numerous gestures that might be used in an application: zooming in and out and rotating objects with two fingers, scrolling through lists and switching to the next screen with a quick swipe. The main advantage of multi-touch technology is how it makes operation more intuitive. It also provides an effective method of preventing operating errors, simply by requiring two-hand gestures for critical or potentially dangerous operations.