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Automation PC 3100Optimized mid-range performance

The Automation PC 3100 family of products combines the advantages of a compact system with very powerful Core i-series processors from the latest generation. The Automation PC 3100 needs little space in the control cabinet for this and simultaneously provides innovative modularity.


Maximum flexibility through modularity

The Automation PC 3100 includes a wide range of modular interface options. Two slots are available to operate various interface cards for serial interfaces, Ethernet, CAN and POWERLINK; a UPS option and audio are also available. Two CFast data storage media with capacity up to 256 GB provide substantial disk space in a compact format.


Broad performance spectrum

Processors are based on Intel's Core-i technology. They can be scaled over a very wide range, from Celeron to Core i7. This allows the processing power to be adapted exactly to the respective application. All variants are fanless, which means that the Automation PC 3100 has no rotating parts at all. Maintenance tasks such as replacing air filters are therefore not necessary. The amount of memory is also scalable from 4 to 32 GB. This allows this PC generation to also handle extremely demanding applications.


Optimized mid-range performance

The Automation PC 3100 combines the advantages of a compact system with the performance of the latest Core i-series processors. To top it off, they also offer added flexibility. Up to two interface cards can be added for additional options.

The processors are based on Intel's latest generation of Core-i technology and can be scaled over the full range – from Celeron to Core i7. This allows computing power to be tuned perfectly to the application at hand.

All variants are fanless, so the Automation PC 3100 features no rotating parts. This makes maintenance tasks like replacing air filters a thing of the past. The scalable memory options range from 4 to 32 GB.



  • Intel Core i processors
  • Compact dimensions
  • Numerous interfaces
  • Modular interface options
  • Fanless


Operating systems

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 64-bit
  • B&R Linux 9
  • Automation Runtime Embedded


Systematic evolution

Smart Display Link 4 (SDL4) is continues the advances made with SDL3. SDL4 is compatible with standard HDBaseT 2.0 and makes it possible to connect multiple panels to a single industrial PC.

The familiar benefits of SDL3 have been enhanced with the latest data transfer speeds to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.



The other specifications correspond with SDL3: CAT 6/7 cables are used, and the maximum distance between PC and panel is 100 meters. Of course, in addition to screen content, SDL4 also transmits data for touch screen operation, keys, LEDs and USB devices.


The new standard for operator panel communication

With HDBaseT 2.0, SDL4 transmits all the signals needed to operate the Automation Panel uncompressed over large distances. The modular design of B&R's industrial PCs and operator panels make it easy to upgrade existing installations with SDL4.


SDL4 technology

  • SDL4 transmits all communication channels between PC and panel via a standard Ethernet cable.
  • Up to 100 m
  • Independent of operating system and software
  • Simplified cabling
  • Small connector – also suitable for tight feed-throughs
  • No need for a CPU in the panel
  • No load on the PC system
  • Optimal graphics performance
  • Long-term availability