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X67 SystemRemote I/O with IP67 protection

Mount, connect and you're ready to go. This is the new dimension for remote I/O mounted directly on the machine. Its credit card size design allows for mounting in the smallest areas. No space whatsoever is required in the control cabinet. IP67 protection withstands the harshest environments. As fast as a centralized solution. Connections are made using open fieldbus systems.

Classic I/O systems are located centrally in the control cabinet. Extensive wiring is required for sensors and actuators. Modular machine designs additionally require interconnections with bulkhead connectors. Remote I/O modules can reach their full potential only if additional distribution boxes can be completely eliminated. And that's why I/O modules with IP67 protection that can be used in rough industrial environments are the optimal solution.


Cost Reduction

Reduced wiring
Instead of having to extensively wire each individual sensor or actuator to the control cabinet over long distances, the X67 System reduces the amount of work down to a single bus cable and a 24 VDC power supply. This applies to the entire machine. Considerable savings potential exists even when compared to passive distributors. This is because plugging a sensor into the X67 System replaces the entire input wiring in the control cabinet.

The shortest commissioning times
Pre-assembled standard cables make it possible for the mechanic to make the connection. Wiring errors are a thing of the past. Preparation for operation starts with the construction of the machine. Lengthy inspection of the wiring is no longer necessary.

The lowest service costs
Correcting errors is easy since individual sensors and actuators can be quickly replaced using plug connections. Extensive diagnostic functions allow errors to be detected immediately.