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X20 SystemsMore than just I/O

With its well thought-out details and a sophisticated ergonomic design, the X20 System is more than a remote I/O system, it is a complete control solution. Depending on the user's demands and individual application requirements, the X20 System family makes it possible to combine the exact components necessary.

  • The X20 System is the ideal addition to a standard fieldbus and expands the possibilities of standard control systems. Simply connect it, configure it, and you're done.
  • Teamed up with other B&R components, the X20 System achieves its full potential and allows the implementation of applications with unimagined performance and flexibility. Seamless integration is a major advantage.


3 x 1 = One

Three basic elements result in one module: terminal block – electronic module – bus module.
This modularity results in a system that combines the advantages of both rack and I/O slice systems:

  • Prewiring without the module
  • Hot pluggable electronics
  • Extra bus slots for added options


The X20 system delivers 50% more component density, perfected connection technology and optimal granularity.

Added value
12 channels with a width of 12.5 mm allow a component density never before achieved with optimal terminal ergonomics. As a result, the X20 System offers 50% more channels than conventional slice systems. And this without sacrificing terminal connections.

Consistent implementation of 1-wire, 2-wire or 3-wire connections - no additional jumper terminals needed.

One channel and two channel modules: Maximum flexibility so you only have to pay for what you really need.