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B&R I/O SystemsB&R I/O systems are versatile and easy to use. With IP20 and IP67 protection, this is true in any combination, both inside and outside the control cabinet. And they also support all standard fieldbus systems. Complete flexibility regarding topology makes it possible for the I/O system to be optimally adapted to the machine. Standard I/O can be mixed with safe I/O, and decentralized intelligence is embedded in the I/O system so that things like condition monitoring can be easily implemented.


Inside the control cabinet

The extremely compact X20 System provides a wide range of modules, which are highly efficient to wire and service thanks to the 3-element design of the slices.


Directly integrated valve manifolds

The XV System allows valve manifolds to be directly integrated in the I/O network. This results in fewer I/O modules and less wiring, which also reduces machine manufacturing costs.


Outside the control cabinet

The X67 System is compatible with the X20 System, allowing the modules to be combined as needed. In addition, the IP67 protection makes them especially well-suited for harsh environmental conditions.


Mobile and outdoor applications

The I/O modules in the XMA line meet all of the requirements for mobile commercial equipment and are designed in different housing variations so they can be combined with controllers or fieldbus CPUs as needed.