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Vortex Tubes - What are they?

Vortex TubesA Vortex Tube is a device with no moving parts that will convert ordinary stream of compressed air into two streams - one hot and one cold.  A Vortex Tube can produce cold air down to -50 degrees F. and hot air up to 260 degrees F.


Uses for Vortex Tubes

  • Cool Machine Operation
  • Cool Electrical Cabinets
  • Cool Mold Tools

CNC Coolers - What are they?

CNC CoolersAir conditioning with only compressed air as a power source.  There are no moving parts.  The CNC Cooler uses a Vortex Tube to convert compressed air into two streams -one hot and one cold. The cold air is discharged into the control cabinet of your CNC Control.  The air is filtered before it is cooled so that only clean, dry air is introduced to the sensitive controls.  There are no moving parts so you can install the CNC Cooler and forget about heat related shutdowns.

There are relief valves and seals built into the CNC Cooler to enable the unit to maintain the sealed nature of NEMA boxes.
CNC Cooler Systems with various cooling capacity include a five-micron air filter for the compressed air system, and a ducting kit for the cold air so you can direct the cold air to the heat source in your control cabinet.  Systems include an electrically operated thermostat, and a solenoid valve to provide thermostatic control for your systems.  All systems come complete with installation instructions.   The CNC Cooler mounts into a standard 3/4" electrical knockout and the thermostat mounts into a standard 1/2" electrical knockout.