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PT Indo Mandiri Sentosa was established in 2001 to run the business in Automation, Control System and Engineering. With the strong knowledge in the factory automation, data acquisition, machine man interfacing and system integration, the company has grown from a humble beginning and expanded its operation to become a trusted supplier and partner to many manufacturing companies in Indonesia.

Our customers ranging from food and beverages manufacturers, automotive companies and its component supplier, textile/fiber manufactures, cable/wire manufactures, tyre manufacturers, plastic and related product manufacturers, packaging companies, pharmaceutical companies, pulp and paper mills.

We are the agent and System Integrator for B&R products and engineering services. B&R (Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-Elektronik Ges.m.b.H.) is based in Eggelsberg, Austria, Europe and has well-known products in Motion Controllers, APC (Automotion PC). Mobile Automation and APROL (EnMon), Energy Management System.

Moreover, we have worked closely with Toyo Denki, Co. Ltd of Japan to promote and sell Toyo Denki products, mainly Inverter and EDM Interior Permanent Magnet Motor. This combined products have a lot of strength in terms of energy saving, a longer lifetime of bearing, less in weight and size, remarkable speed accuracy (sensorless mode) and high speed response (vector/sensor mode).

In addition, we have worked with SimcoIon for some years, the leader in static control and become the authorized distributor for the industrial static control products. SIMCO static control product are used to improve the quality of plastic film/flexible packaging, printing machine, minimize the risk of fire, improve the quality of painting for automobile and motorcycle.

To strengthen our product range, we are selling and providing technical support for Brainchild products of Taiwan, such as Paperless Recorder, Distributed IO Modules, Hybrid Recorder and Temperature Controllers.

In specific industries, textile/fiber factories, we are an agent of Yarn Sensor and Yarn Cutter from Odawara Industry, Co., Ltd, Japan.

For a power quality products, we are a partner of SOSHIN, Japan and Malaysia. SOSHIN Products range are divided into two categories, electronic and industrial. Electronics product are LC filters, baluns, while industrial products are EMI Filter, Choke coils, ring cores. We can carry out an EMC, EMI test based on customer request.

Furthermore, we are also appointed by Arizona Vortex to distribute and sell its products for Indonesia market.