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Printing & Bindery

Today's print customers demand high quality printed material at competitive prices. Dust, contamination, and print defects are critical problems in the printing industry. Simco-Ion recognizes these needs and has designed control products, cleaning systems and bonding equipment that guarantees that your customers will get higher quality printed materials.
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IQ Power

The Most Advanced Static Neutralizing System

Chargemaster® VCM

DC High Voltage Power Supply

B&R Industrial PC

PCs from B&R are designed and built to meet industrial customers' demands for maximum robustness, reliability and long-term availability. Decision makers in a wide range of industries have selected B&R Industrial PCs, because PCs that appear cheapest at first glance are the most expensive in the long run.
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Industrial PCs

Designed, built according to the user demands with know-how of 30 years PLC experience.

X20 PLC - Powerful

Always one software – Compatible with all PLCs

Total support available from Toyo Denki Group


Maintenance and consumable parts to keep equipment running optimally

MaintenanceIt is extremely important to conduct diagnostics and maintenance on a regular basis to keep your electric equipment running optimally at all times. And having this job done by technicians well versed in advanced function/advanced performance products and who use their experienced eyes to spot problems keeps it all running in peak condition.

MaintenanceLegally mandated maintenance on emergency generators and other equipment that complies with the Fire Service Act is carried out by a variety of licensed technicians. There are different kinds of maintenance, including spot maintenance and routine maintenance, but we recommend an annual maintenance contract so that you know how your equipment is holding up over time and can keep operational costs under control. Let us assist you in purchasing the consumable parts and maintenance parts to keep your industrial equipment operating optimally.