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Printing & Bindery

Today's print customers demand high quality printed material at competitive prices. Dust, contamination, and print defects are critical problems in the printing industry. Simco-Ion recognizes these needs and has designed control products, cleaning systems and bonding equipment that guarantees that your customers will get higher quality printed materials.
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IQ Power

The Most Advanced Static Neutralizing System

Chargemaster® VCM

DC High Voltage Power Supply

B&R Industrial PC

PCs from B&R are designed and built to meet industrial customers' demands for maximum robustness, reliability and long-term availability. Decision makers in a wide range of industries have selected B&R Industrial PCs, because PCs that appear cheapest at first glance are the most expensive in the long run.
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Industrial PCs

Designed, built according to the user demands with know-how of 30 years PLC experience.

X20 PLC - Powerful

Always one software – Compatible with all PLCs

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B&R Automation

Toyo Denki Industrial Systems

BrainChild Electronic

Odawara Yarn Sensor

This product is reflection type non-contact sensor which detects yarn breakage without directly touching a yarn due to adoption of a photoelectron method. The light projecting part projects the light, when the light is reflected by the detection object yarn, the light is detected by the light receiving part, it determines the presence or absence of the detection object.

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